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10 Most Inspiring Creative WordPress Themes

You want a website with that edgy creative flare. For this, you will need a theme with a design that shouts with imagination and uniqueness. Here, we give you a list of the ten most cutting-edge creative WordPress themes.

Now, you may be using WordPress to create a personal portfolio.  You may be managing a site for your company or freelance services. Regardless, the creative themes we list here can make your WordPress website look how you and your audience want it to.

You could modify any one of these themes via WordPress Customizer. This includes changing the fonts, colors, sizes, etc.

Now, let us jump right to it. Here are our top ten creative WordPress themes.


1. Uncode by undsgn

free creative wordpress theme

Initially, you will may take note of just how many pre-developed demo sites make up the entire package. These demo sites cover everything from digital web development agencies to portfolios to eCommerce online stores. With that, you can guarantee that this theme will suit whatever project you may have.

Additionally, Uncode comes with a vast collection of content templates. Use these templates for a number of page types including a “contact us” page, an “about us” page, a  services page, an eCommerce store page – Just let your imagination run wild with Uncode. If you are a blogger, then you are also in luck.  Uncode has a large library of blog templates.

Uncode has a ton of more features now as well, given the updates as of recent. The developers have upgrades image handling to offer support with smart-scaled adaptive images. There are also more content blocks now and a drag-and-drop page builder. This makes the design process of your site ever-so seamless.


2. KALLYAS by hogash

Undoubtedly, with over 65 demos,  the creative WordPress theme Kallyas has what you need for your project. In the rare case that you do not find a demo related to your project, not to worry. Kallyas boasts a great deal of customization capability. Developers built a page builder into the Kallyas theme, which offers powerful personalization. The drag-and-drop interface makes customizing the demos all the more easier.

Modifying other properties is also pretty direct. To emphasize, the theme options control panel puts you on the driver’s seat to fully control font, layout, color, etc. Kallyas is also fully mobile responsive with bleeding-edge retina-ready display capabilities.


3.  Orio by SpabRice


Orio, named free of any legal confusion, is a theme fit for both individual professionals and companies alike. Regardless of your affiliation, Orio offers any and every component you will need to showcase your website. There are three website demos, each one different than the other. Additionally, each demo has unique options. One allows you to showcase your porfolio straight off the homepage. Another design is more on the traditional side. The third design’s highlight is its impeccable video support.

There is a wide range of functionality when it comes to how you present your content, given the diverse layout selection. These layouts include random, masonry, offset, etc. Google Fonts integration and Adobe Typekit supports means your website’s typography can conveniently be modified.  In addition, a page builder is integrated into Orio so that you can create designs for custom content.  All in all, Orio is a suprisingly well-rounded creative WordPress theme.


4. Naix by drfuri

Cook up a WordPress site screaming style and attitude with Naix. This theme makes sure that users put all their focus onto your content. Naix comes packed with 18 different site demos. Each has a special look to it. On the other hand, each demo shares a common minimalist flare.

Needless to say, 18 different demos means at least one of them has got to match your project. Namely, if you have an online store, Naix offers full WooCommerce support. If you want to get started with eCommerce, learn how to set up an online store here.


5. TheGem by CodexThemes

Flexibility and ambition is what you get with TheGem, a creative WordPress theme made to make a modern website. There is a lot of room for graphic branding and modifying. More than 40 professional demos and over 150 different page templates adds way too much room for creativity.

TheGem comes with countless Google fonts, layout customization, color combinations, and much much more. 8 unique navigation styles and more than 20 unique settings are available for you to pick, so you can make your UX the way you see best for your users.


6. Brooklyn by United Themes

A lot like the city itself the creative WordPress theme Brooklyn is all up in your face with a vast amount of design options for the creatives out there. You could be a musician, or an artist, or even a business consultant. Regardless, Brooklyn has the design for you.

With its one-click installation process, you can jump right into the design process.There are multiple portfolio design options and eCommerce functionality. Additionally, Brooklyn is optimized for translations if you ever want to offer a different language for your website.


7. BORDER by pixelgrade

BORDER, unlike the aforementioned themes, is not for all uses. This theme is only for photographers. Hence, if you are a photographer, this song goes out to you. Undoubtedly, portfolios matter a great deal in professional photography. BORDER offers a lot of accommodation for this.

As can be seen, there is wide array of enhancement functions. This includes social media integration, video and gallery support, and animation sliders. All of this boosts user engagement. BORDER also packs an arsenal of key shortcodes as well as add-ons to get your site running in no time.


8. Flamingo by VanKarWai

Firstly, think of a flamingo. A subject that sticks out proudly in the animal kingdom. Its WordPress theme counterpart does the same, in the WordPress theme kingdom. This theme is perfect for creative groups. You can present material in an accessible and unique fashion. Given its vast visual appeal, the contrast between Flamingo and other creative themes is obvious.

Flamingo offers a lot of features aside from its breathtaking visuals. To start, the theme is fully mobile-responsive. Additionally, SEO-optimization and embedded profile creation means the theme is a perfect match for creative agencies.


9. Hook by Pirenko

Hook is a steal for its price tag, and you can take that to the bank. Woah. This creative WordPress theme bundles in an array of premium plugins that value at over $100. Alongside, you will have a lot to work from with over 70 demos. No coding knowledge required for Hook, given the one-click install process.

What does all this mean? It means you can build a fabulous website to present your content quick. Additionally, you get WooCommerce integration making an online store easy to set up.


10. FatMoon by Apollo13

We are going to throw one more photography theme in here. Not only is FatMoon fantastic for portfolio building. It also works perfect for freelance professionals looking to distribute their work fast to potential clients.

On the whole, FatMoon goes all out in the modification functionality. In addition, a new feature in the theme lets your clients to book your services conveniently. Get your work and business done as fast as it should be.


In conclusion, this list has what you are looking for if you want to take your WordPress website in an artistic direction. Browse through, make your match, and get your creative juices flowing right now.

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