Support Policy

Medium of our Support

Our support team is available 24/7 for any assistance required by users, and we only provide support via support tickets. Please note that this our one and only medium of support and if you request for support through any other channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc), we will be non-responsive and unable to provide any assistance. 

What Our Support Covers

We only provide support for our products only.

  • Assistance with installations
  • Configuration for your desired use
  • Usage guideline
  • Known bugs and issues

We DO NOT provide support for Customizations

We provide our products as is. We do not customize our products or provide support for any 3rd party customization of our products. We also do not provide support if our plugin is not functioning properly because of any other 3rd party plugin which you are using. However, in case of such confusion, we will test the conflicting plugin for compatibility if notified before purchase.

We provide our products as they are. We do not provide any custom version of our products or provide any support for our products that has been customized by any 3rd party. Moreover, we do not provide support for any technical issues for our products that arise due to usage other 3rd party plugins. However, we can test the conflicting plugin for compatibility if we’re notified before purchase.

Bug Fixing

If any bugs or defects are reported in our products, we will see to fixing it swiftly and will release updates upon fixing them. We will also notify users of the bug fixes from our support channel.