8 Essential WordPress Plugins To Jumpstart Your Website

WordPress is a household name amongst enterprises around the globe. For countless reasons other than how catchy it sounds when you say it out loud, WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system for both business and personal use. Being open-source, any absence of functionality in the core software is filled with an abundance of third-party plugins. The problem here lies in the abundance.

There are nearly 40,000 free and premium plugins in WordPress’s directory. Needless to say, not every single one of these plugins will transform your website into a natural e-commerce machine. To make your job here a whole lot easier, we have picked out the diamonds in the rough. Here are 8 plugins to make the most out of your WordPress-developed website.



Whoever coined the phrase “You can never be too careful” must have been an expert web developer. Your website, every website, and everything else on the cloud for that matter, is prone to disaster. This can be in the form of file corruption, hacking, server malfunction, etc. This is why we back our web content up. But then again, what if the same happens to our backup? In a paradoxical crisis such as this, Snapshot has your back—Pun intended.

UpdraftPlus will backup your entire website and can also schedule backups periodically so that your content is constantly secured without you having to moving a muscle. There is also the additional assurance of being able to save these backups on multiple drives including your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and more.


Floating Social

Society and digitization go hand-in-hand as online social networking becomes exponentially more embedded in our day-to-day. This is where the majority of society congregates and consumes their information from. Therefore, there is no denying that this technology is a window of opportunity for all businesses alike.

Floating Social allows users to quickly share your site content on their social network handles by clicking on link buttons conveniently placed on the side of the page. The buttons follow the user as they scroll through the webpage. These buttons are customizable, and you choose which social media sites you want displayed on the page. You can even limit this feature to specific posts and/or pages as you see fit.


WP Smush Pro

Your website needs to display graphics in order to appeal to users, increase user engagement, and enrich the user experience. Therefore, in a perfect world, better pictures equals better website. In reality, the consequence of making your webpages graphics-heavy is a slower loading speed. According to a Google study, 53% of users will leave a page if it fails to load in 3 seconds. WP Smush Pro combats this with powerful image compression and optimization.

By compressing and optimizing your website’s images to reduce file size, WP Smush Pro boosts your loading speeds and allows you to save storage space. Images can be compressed and optimized automatically or in command, singularly or in bulk. An image could be compressed up to 10 times through WP Smush Pro and the quality will not be affected.


Google Analytics +

Who is to say that the content you put up will secure the traffic you are looking for on your first try?  There needs to be an indicator based on your website’s performance to evaluate its areas of improvement. This is where reports and analytics come in handy to track how and when users visit your website. For this task, there is no plugin more trustworthy than Google Analytics+.

The ability to track your webpage views, visits, average visit duration, bounce rate, and more are a given. Google Analytics+ takes it a step further and gives you the ability to track your website’s audience demographic and behavior, all from your admin dashboard.



If your business specializes in selling a product, then the importance of maintaining a premium storefront cannot be stressed enough. Both your current and potential customers need an attractive, welcoming, and easy-to-understand shopping experience. If your business sells the product on your website, then your site is your storefront.

WooCommerce gives you the tools to sell both tangible and intangible goods in a bright and convenient space on your website. It also eases the process on your end as it streamlines your sales, inventory, and logistics management. WooCommerce takes care of promotional offers, electronic invoices, a wide array of payment methods, and even VAT tax requirements.


Broken Line Checker

Your website will face glitches and holes in its duration. These glitches could substantially impact the user experience. One such glitch, and a common one at that, is a broken link or missing image.

Broken Link Checker tracks each and every link found within the content of your website and notifies you on the plugin page. From here, you can directly alter the links and images without having to go through each bit of content.


Contact Form 7 Responses

As you are well aware, your website has an option that allows users to reach out to you via a message form. This form typically asks users to fill in their contact information, a subject to the message, and the message body itself. The super technical term for this is Contact Form 7. We will call it CF7 for short. Now the issue with CF7s is that they are sent directly to the email address predefined at the time you set up your website. Thus by default, sorting through them would require sifting through countless individual emails. Yikes.

The plugin Contact Form 7 Responses conveniently saves and organizes all CF7s within WordPress for you to view with ease.  The responses can even be sorted according to date. This will drastically boost the strength and efficiency of communications between you and your audience/customers. Contact Form 7 Responses is an ultra-lightweight plugin that has no effect on WordPress’ performance when running.


Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an integral part of the website development process. SEO is what determines the ranking of your website on a search engine results page, i.e. a Google search of anything related to what your website offers. WordPress at its core is SEO-friendly. But there is a lot more which can be done to boost this this optimization. Using the popular plugin Yoast is one of them.

Yoast assists in the creation of meta tags, sitemap creation, social media optimization, and much more. It also connects your site to Google Search Console, a tool which helps you see keep track of your traffic. Yoast enables you to easily create 301 redirects and detects URL changes on your pages to create these automatically.

If you are looking to strengthen and solidify your website, then these 8 plugins are our top WordPress picks. The plugin market is vast and endless, and there are numerous other plugins out there perfect for you. These picks however, are the essentials.

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